Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov (the Russian daredevils who climbed to the top of the Shanghai tower) aka “On the Roofs,” are back. A new video shows the team taking an elevator to a high floor of the China Online Centre skyscraper in Hong Kong, before eventually taking the stairs and finally a ladder to the roof. Once at the top, they hacked the buildings billboard to say “What’s Up Hong Kong?”

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This is the world’s second biggest fish tanks - so big that it’s even been named the Kuroshio Sea. Located in Okinawa, Japan, the aquarium houses an enormous tank that is some ten metres deep, 35 metres wide and 27 metres long. It is home to a dazzling variety of all the species found thriving around Okinawa, including giant soaring manta rays and the daddy of them all, the world’s biggest fish, the whale shark. The appearance of the main viewing room is dazzling, and the window is so clear that each year millions of visitors can believe, for a moment, that they have stepped into a magical underwater world.

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